CoWorking Area 

The Windsor Center provides a CoWorking Area for local residents and visitors who need an area to work whether for an hour or a day or while visiting the area. You can reserve a cubicle below.


Room 207 has 3 cubicle areas, two with a South facing window. A Windows 7 computer is available in the center cubicle. There is also a conference room (Room 206) available with Video Conferencing equipment. There is a $25 hourly charge to use the Video Conferencing equipment & area. All areas have both 100M cabled and 25M WiFi Internet access. A B/W Laser Printer is available at $0.05/page.

There is no charge for each cubicle area until May 1st. After that there is a $5/hr charge per cubicle.

To reserve a time, click on the date on the left, then double-click on the hour(s) you wish to reserve. You will be asked for an email, name, and contact phone number. You will receive an email confirmation after completing the reservation. You will be sent the room combination via email to access the room.

NOTE: By reserving a cubicle or room, you agree to the Terms of Use